Celebrity brother duos both on-and-off-screen have been stealing our hearts for years!

Cole and Dylan Sprouse made their Disney Channel debut in March 2005, and they’re still some of the hottest twins in Hollywood. Even after filming two TV shows together, the pair still wants to work together on other projects in the future. There’s definitely no sibling rivalry here.

During an August 2019 interview with Variety, the Riverdale star revealed that he and his brother have “talked” about acting together again, but not as siblings. “The whole kitschy twin thing, I don’t think that sells anymore,” Cole explained. “It’s about feeling passionate for acting again. If it’s a cool project, I don’t have a problem with that.”

Dylan agreed, adding, “We’re totally not averse to working together again,” he also told the publication. “I don’t think we’ll be working as twins ever again, like cast in a role. But I think we both would be fine working together, whatever that means.”

While chatting with Us Weekly in February 2020, Dylan explained that working with Cole on a movie or TV show might mean that one of them is behind the camera while the other stars.

“I mean we’re very serious,” the Banana Split star said. “It’s more likely that I will write something for us to work in together, rather than someone approach us. Twin movies are never good! That’s just the universal truth I think the universe has given to us, and so if we can find the right thing then, yeah.”


Dylan also noted that the duo is super close and often goes to each other for advice. “I love him very much. We talk every day and we play video games together,” he shared. “So yeah, you can say that we’re kind of each other’s confidants in a lot of ways.”

Aside from real-life siblings, some fictional brothers have also become an object of fans’ affection. From 2009 to 2017 (and even now, thanks to Netflix), Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder were Stefan and Damon Salvatore, otherwise known as two of the hottest brothers on TV!

“I think the relationship between the brothers was the most important one,” Paul told TODAY in April 2021 of The Vampire Diaries series. During the same interview, Ian noted that he and Paul really bonded after they first met. “We spent a lot of beautiful, perfect summer Georgia evenings. You know, just sort of, like, sitting there together just running lines,” the actor shared. “I remember we moved in next to each other in season 1. We had apartments next to each other.”

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