It is no secret that Bruno Mars isn't the tallest of the bunch, and that is just one of the many things that makes him so unique and perfect in his own special way. Often times, it is pretty tough to actually grasp how tall or short your favorite celebrities are when you are really only seeing them in pictures and on TV. It is so much easier to see stars' heights when they're standing next to others for reference, isn't it?

Bruno's height seems to be a topic of discussion at award shows, as he was once paired with a particularly tall presenter in the past (cough, cough… Taylor Swift). That's why it totally wouldn't surprise us if people are curious about it this upcoming Sunday, November 19 at the 2017 American Music Awards. While he isn't set to perform at the show, which starts at 8 PM, he is nominated for eight awards: Artist of the Year, Video of the Year, Favorite Male Artist (Pop/Rock), Favorite Album (Pop/Rock), Favorite Male Artist (Soul/R&B), Favorite Album (Soul/R&B), Favorite Song (Soul/R&B) and Favorite Artist (Adult Contemporary).

The "Versace On The Floor" crooner is 5'5", which makes him shorter than a number of his famous friends. To truly show the comparison, we've gathered some photos of other stars towering over Bruno. From T-Swift to Rihanna, these stars have quite a few inches on the singer. Check it out!

Taylor Swift

bruno mars taylor swift

Standing at 5'10", Taylor towered over Bruno at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.


bruno mars rihanna

Rihanna, a 5'8" gal, looked super tall compared to Bruno at the 2013 Grammy Awards.

Jennifer Hudson

bruno mars and jennifer hudson

At 5'9", Jennifer's height difference with Bruno was super obvious at the 2012 Concert For The Rainforest Fund.

Chris Martin of Coldplay

bruno mars chris martin

6'1" Chris Martin legit towered over Bruno at the 2016 Pepsi Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show.


bruno mars sting

Sting stands tall at 6'0", which is why he looked so much taller than Bruno at the 2013 Grammy Awards.

Travie McCoy

bruno mars travie mccoy

Travie is 6'5", which is why his height difference with Bruno looked so drastic at Z100's Jingle Ball 2010.


bruno mars beyonce

Even though Beyoncé is only 5'7", she towered over Bruno at the 2016 Pepsi Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show – especially with those heels!

This post was originally published on July 24, 2017 and since has been updated.

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