Summer is officially over, or almost over, and it's time to get the school year rolling. If you're starting high school, we know what you're thinking. As soon as you walk in there's going to be Cady Heron and Regina George standing at the front doors waiting to ruin your life. Oh yeah, and your high school's equivalent to Mean Girls heartthrob Aaron Samuels will totally bring you into the projector room during your first open period to "help you with your homework."

Back up, because those things are never going to happen on your first day. Yeah okay, how many movies show the freshman being stuffed into lockers by the big bad senior jocks? Far too many. But, believe me, that rarely happens in high school. Do you ACTUALLY think not one teacher would see that and stop it before the frosh gets fully stuffed? I don't think so.

Imagine high school is a whole new world where you've got a new set of hotties – guys and girls – to choose from. The dating pool is f–king massive. Just because you're a freshman or even a sophomore, doesn't mean you can't score a date with that upperclassman you've had your eye on Snapchat all summer long. Sadly, the bathing suits will be off and appropriate school attire will be on. But, I mean, come on, how hot is a guy who can multiply without a calculator?! You hated math before but in high school, there's a chance your very own version of Aaron Samuels could be sitting right next to you in class. You'll come to love algebra – TRUST.

So, how exactly are we going to go from the low-level middle school relationship to snagging that high school hottie with confidence? We should remember that just being yourself is the most important thing and if someone in high school doesn't want to hold your hand at the football game because you aren't wearing Kylie Jenner's lip kit, then tell them to buzz off. But, there are a handful of other qualities we can secretly steal from our favorite celebrities which will ultimately help you land that seemingly unattainable crush before the homecoming dance!

Selena Gomez's style

One thing about Selena's style is that she keeps it classy. She shows off just the right amount of arms, legs and whatever else – but not at the same time. It's all about balance with Sel. Her hair is usually in soft waves, she's got some makeup on, sometimes it's minimal, other times it's super glam. Selena is the definition of 'the girl next door' and high school hotties will find that insanely attractive. If your school has uniforms, add your own flair to it. Wear your socks a little higher, add a fun pin to your sweater, try out different hairstyles. It will help you stick out just enough for heads to turn.

I mean, she IS the first day of school #GOALS?!


The new Taylor Swift's confidence

Now that the old Taylor is officially dead, the new Taylor has a sh-t ton of confidence and we are LIVING for it. She has zero time for the haters and is all about sticking up for herself. That is the kind of attitude your crush will notice when you walk down the halls of your high school. Hold your head up even if one of the mean girls is totally trying to bring you down. Talk to your crush, even if it's just to ask him where room 201 is. Yeah, DUH, it's right there but that'll be a few more words you said to him than before you asked!


Ariana Grande's kindness

After the Manchester Attacks, Ariana showed the world just how kind, charitable and loving to all that she can be. Get involved in your high school! Join a club, an after school activity or a group that is willing to give back. The word will soon get out that it was YOU who organized and help donate 50,000 turkeys to your local shelter on Thanksgiving. MAJOR. TURN. ON. For all of those guys who say they only want a bad girl. Lies, lies, lies. Turkey trot = crush thinking, 'Whoa, she got so hot.'


Bella Thorne's attitude of staying true to yourself

Bella does not care what anyone thinks. If she wants to wear glittery pink eyeliner, that she's damn well going to wear glittery pink eyeliner. If she wants to date three guys at once, she's going to damn well date three guys at once. Okay, so the second one might not work out in her favor or yours all the time. But, you get the point. She's independent, carefree and stays true to what she wants even though it can sometimes be controversial. Who doesn't dig a chick with a wild side?


Kylie Jenner's presence on social media

Kylie is alllll up in that social media grind and if you want the hottest people to notice you, get your notebooks out and start jotting some things down. Okay, but like don't post any racy pictures during your first week of high school, though if that's not something you're comfortable with. We're talking about friending that crush on Facebook, following that person on Snapchat, liking a photo they just posted of their soccer practice on Instagram. #Soccer #BackAtIt…typical hashtags for the suave totally unattainable yet attainable senior you so badly need to talk to. So, like the pic. We double dare you.


Miley Cyrus' taste in the hot but nice people

Obviously, Miley is dating or possibly engaged to mega hottie Liam Hemsworth. But, he's also not a totally awful person at the same time. Use that good judgment of hers when it comes to selecting the one person in your high school to go on a Snapchat streak with. If you think he's going to show your streak photos to all his friends then, boy freaking BYE. Shockingly enough, there are guys in high school that are hot and kind, and the same is said for girls. They just might not be the loud, crazy popular ones who run the school.


Maddie Ziegler's dance moves

Everyone knows high school dances, especially your first one, can be super stressful. What do you wear? What clique are you going to show up with? Are you going to slow dance? Are you going to get in on dancing with all of the seniors that are literally shouting of the words to the latest song everyone is obsesse with? The lights are dimmed and this is your chance to shine. Steal a couple of Maddie's moves or just pretend like you know what you're doing. Ask your crush to dance and if he or she says no, dancing with your friends in a circle back to back will DEFINITELY get someone's attention.


Lauren Conrad's creative mind

Lauren has a knack for designing and high school is a place to try anything and everything. Be the Lauren and be the leader of your besties when it comes to designing pep rally shirts, fun things to do on the weekends and exactly what your plan of attack is for you all to have boyfriends or girlfriends by the end of the year. That hottie will love a girl that takes charge. #WeTakingOver #ThePact


Chrissy Teigen's talent for cooking

OBVIOUSLY, lunch is the most important block of the day. It's social freaking hour – or like 20 minutes, whatever your high school allows. But, regardless, whip up something amazing the night before, or have your mom do it. Whatever you do, try and bring some Chrissy Teigen level snacks for lunch because everyone knows hotties love food. And when those hotties want something out of your lunch, you know you've made it in high school. Like, can you imagine a senior coming to your table to ask for a piece of your fruit roll up? Cue music in your head…can only think of these lyrics, "All I do is win win win no matter what."

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