It seems like there’s a new app to obsess over every week. The latest is TBH, but we’re sure you already knew that. The app was recently bought by Facebook (AKA the ultimate social network), so it’s only getting better from here. TBH has a few tricks up its sleeve to make sure everyone has a good time. What’s the TBH app and how do you use it? Read along and find out!

How to use TBH app:

You know how your friends will trade a “like” on Twitter or Instagram for a “to be honest” comment about you? That’s what the TBH app is like. Send your friends a “TBH” to anonymously let them know what you’ve been thinking. There’s one slight catch, though! You can only send positive messages. TBH is a cyber-bullying free zone. That’s what makes it so popular.

Here’s how TBH app works:

First step, make an account. It’s not hard at all and you get to choose what school you go to, so you can find all your classmates. Then, TBH gives you questions like, “In ranking my favorite people, they are always #1,” and four options to choose from. Is it Kate from science class or Joey from gym? Click on your friend’s name and they’ll get a message saying that someone shared that compliment with them. How cute!

So, even though TBH is limited to just positive messages, there’s still limitless possibilities! The prompts can be a little flirty and there’s no telling who you’ll get as an option. Tell your crush you wouldn’t mind “being stuck in a elevator with them” without a worry.

BTR Phone

We could spend all day tapping on TBH, but the app does cut you off. You have to wait at least a half an hour before unlocking more questions. Or, you can get more by inviting your friends to the app. That’s pretty much the gift that keeps on giving. You get more questions and more friends to choose from!

Not happy with some of the compliments? You can skip the ones you don’t like, but you’ll run out just as fast. Users can submit their own compliments to go along with the TBH-generated ones, if you’re feeling creative. If you’re not a fan of the friends you have to choose from, you can shuffle those, too.

TBH makes it so easy to connect with your friends with no worries. It’s the only app where you never have to worry about someone saying something rude and the perfect place to go when you need a boost of confidence.

How to get TBH:

iPhone users rejoice! TBH is currently available in most states, including Florida, Washington, Rhode Island, Texas, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Massachusetts, California, and New York.
Download TBH from the App Store and get set up.

Uh…so, is the TBH app available for Android?

Sorry, folks. The app isn’t available for Android yet, which is a total bummer. And according to the website, TBH is heading to Google Play soon. It doesn’t mean you can’t still share the love IRL though!

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