The year was 2006 when High School Musical first premiered on Disney Channel and basically shook the world. It catapulted the stars of the DCOM to fame and even resulted in a massive world tour. (We’re all still bummed Zac Efron didn’t go but you know, guess he was too busy filming Hairspray, it’s fine.) The main stars traveled together performing to huge crowds and as Ashley Tisdale, Sharpay Evans herself explained, things got pretty intense out on the road that it became hard for the actors to just get a bite to eat together. So, they got pretty crafty with it and totally would wear disguises.

Speaking to iHeart Radio, the 33-year-old “Voices In My Head” singer spilled all the tea behind a throwback photo she once posted on Instagram where she and Vanessa Hudgens were wearing wigs and clearly just trying to not be spotted.

“That was like, it’s really funny because when we were doing the tour of High School Musical, we were playing these humongous venues and we would just get tired of craft service or what we had. So we really wanted like the junk food in the venue and so it would be like … these venues were like I think 20,000 people, and so we would put these wigs on,” Ashley explained.

“And I even got to the point where I think Corbin Bleu’s dad was just getting tons of people coming up to him because they recognized his dad. And I went up to him and I was like I’m a huge fan! And he saw it was me and knew not to say anything,” she continued. “But yeah, we just used to wear these wigs and like go into the venue and nobody even knew it was us so it was pretty cool.”

Okay, now how amazing is that? For all you know, you could’ve walked right by Ashley and Vanessa while you were waiting on line to get some chicken fingers and fries before singing your heart out to “We’re In All This Together.” Time to dig out all the photos you ever took in 2007 to see if you spot them in the background now…

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