Former Hype House members Kouvr Annon and Alex Warren have officially tied the knot!

On Saturday, June 22, the longtime couple and social media stars exchanged vows in an outdoor ceremony in California, chronicling their special day through a series of updates on Instagram and TikTok.

Earlier in the day, Kouvr shared photos of her preparations for the wedding and captured moments with her bridesmaids in a dress reveal video, accompanied by Taylor Swift‘s “Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me?”

In one Instagram post, she wrote, “Today is the day 💍.”

According to several social media posts shared by their photographer, the couple’s wedding guest list was full of young stars including Charli D’Amelio, Markell Washington, among others.

Alex posted an emotional video of his vows for Kouvr later in the day on TikTok — which left no viewer short of tears.


I promise to find you in every lifetime

♬ original sound – Alex Warren

“When I was young I learned quickly that the things you love can be gone in an instant,” he began. “Ever since then I made myself a promise to never let anyone get close to me, but then I met you. When you found out I was sleeping in my car, most people would have run away but you jumped in the passenger seat. You saw something in me I still don’t see to this day.”

He continued, “You make me constantly want to be a better person because no matter what I will never deserve you. I am so madly in love with you and it terrifies me because now I cant imagine what life would be without you. You and I have had to make decisions that no one our age should have to make, but the best decision I ever made was asking you to marry me,” later adding: “Growing up my parents would describe the girl I would marry as someone who could put up with all of this, and I know they looking proud the girl standing in front of me. So Kouvr, I promise to never take us for granted. I promise to always put you and our family first and if death do us part, I promise to find you in every lifetime.”

Alex and Kouvr recounted the beginning of their relationship during Netflix’s Hype House reality show, which premiered in January 2022, revealing that they had met through a mutual friend on Snapchat. The couple immediately started talking and shared their love for each other quite quickly, despite being long distance at the time. They went public with their relationship on Instagram in December 2018 and eventually both became members of TikTok’s Hype House. Since then, they’ve been showcasing the ins and outs of their relationship online.

They announced their engagement in December 2022, with Alex posting a video of his proposal on his Instagram page.

“I proposed to my best friend,” he captioned the video. Showing off their engagement photos in a second post, Alex wrote, “I can’t wait to show our kids these photos one day and show that it is possible to get the prettiest girl at school.”

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