The highly-anticipated show I Am Frankie is right around the corner, and we literally cannot wait for it to premiere on September 11, 2017 at 7:30 PM EST on Nickelodeon. Episode 1 is actually available to watch now online, and we're just dying to see the rest. The show follows the journey of a girl (er, android) who has to go through life without letting anyone know that she was actually built in a lab. Being the new kid in school is tough enough, but she also has a huge secret to hide. Watch the extended trailer below and get to know the cast.

Alex Hook

Alex is playing Frankie Gaines, a girl who appears to be an average teenager. However, that is so not the case. Frankie is actually an experimental android, created by her mom (er, Dr. Mom). Crazy part is – Frankie must hide the fact that she's part-computer from everyone in order to avoid being found by EGG Labs, the evil tech company that didn't want her out and about in the world in the first place. You see, her mom managed to sneak her out of the lab and bring her home. No one (besides her family, of course) is allowed to find out about her secret identity, but it's really difficult to keep it under wraps after she starts to make friends – and maybe even a crush or two, perhaps?

Given the fact that she's legit a piece of technology, she holds a lot of robot qualities: she can't get wet, she's really smart and she isn't really bothered by many things (like, you know, getting grounded). Oh, and she's super trustworthy because she legit cannot tell lies. It's safe to say she's just wired much differently than the average girl. This is Alex's first leading role, but she has had other small roles in the past. You may have seen her as young Beth in A Nutcracker Christmas.

Nicole Alyse Nelson

Nicole is portraying the character Dayton Reyes, Frankie's absolute best friend. They legit spend every waking moment together – we're talkin' bestie goals here. Nicole has also starred in the TV mini-series Killer University and the show Mr. Student Body President.

Carson Rowland

Carson is portraying the character Cole Reyes, the cute boy at school who may just have a thing for Frankie. The actor also played Riley Sturgis in the show Tweet: The Series.

Armani Barrett

Armani is portraying Byron Patrick in the Nick series, who goes out of his way to talk to Frankie on her first day at the high school. The actor has a few small roles here and there, but this is his first job as a regular character on a show!

Sophia Forest

Sophia is playing Jenny Gaines, Frankie's human little sister who is technically older than her considering Frankie was like just built in Episode 1. Jenny is so not about getting a sister out of the blue, understandably so. They don't have to share rooms or anything, but the family does move once Frankie joins the fam – which Jenny is definitely not thrilled about AT. ALL. If you don't recognize Sophia from anything, it's because this is her big break in television.

Mohana Krishnan

Mohana is playing Tammy Gilroy, a total mean girl who isn't very accepting of Frankie on her first day. The actress is a fresh face on television, as this is her first role!

Kristi Beckett

Kristi is portraying Makayla, another member of the mean girl squad. This is the actress' very first acting role!

Uriel Baldesco

Uriel is playing Lucia Baxter, a mean girl on the show with some serious attitude. This is Uriel's first television role!

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