Unfortunately, Pretty Little Liars has officially begun its final season and the tears have already started flowing from the eyes of fans everywhere. Because the end is so close, the actors who play the beloved characters are opening up a lot about their time on set and how close they've become since season 1.

Ian Harding who plays the role of Ezra Fitz on the show took a trip down memory lane in his new, upcoming memoir, Odd Birds. He wrote about his first on-screen kiss with his love interest Lucy Hale – who plays the role of Aria Montgomery. Their first kiss actually happened way back in the pilot episode of Pretty Little Liars in a bathroom.

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I mean, can you imagine, not even knowing someone yet and having to do this thing?! BRING. ON. THE. NERVES.

Ian revealed, "I flossed at least three times before that scene. I had a bottle of mouthwash with me on set, and I gargled between every take." LOL!

While Lucy has yet to comment about how she felt during that exact scene, we have a feeling it wasn't too far off from this. Of course, Ian wanted to act professional and make sure Lucy felt comfortable. We have a feeling he probably didn't eat any pizza before doing these takes. As for their kissing scenes that have happened most recently, there's no telling if he kept up the same regime!

And when will Ian REALLY know that the show is officially over? He wrote, "I know that once it’s done there will be some big changes. Like my hair. I’ve been contractually obligated to have the same haircut for the last seven years. Or when my chest hair grows back and I don’t have to worry about shaving it again for work, then I’ll be reminded that the show is really over. That might be when I start to feel nostalgic."

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It's the small things, Ian, it's the small things.

J-14 EXCLUSIVELY chatted with the show's creator, Marlene King, at the Freeform Upfronts and she shared a bit of wisdom that Ian himself might be feeling at this exact moment. She revealed a few things about what she's going to miss the most now that Pretty Little Liars has officially wrapped and with a nostalgic tone said, "The days were long, but the years were short."


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