Yummy, Yummy: Here's What Your Favorite Sundae Topping Says About Your Personality

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It's a sunny day out and you want a delicious treat to go with it. The logical choice? An ice cream sundae, of course. What are your must-haves? Sprinkles and peanuts for a little crunch or creamy plain vanilla with smooth fudge? The possibilities are endless. Just like ice cream, humans come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, and personalities. It only makes sense that your favorite part of an ice cream sundae can say a little bit about who you are, right? Are you a light swirl of whipped cream or the perfectly poised cherry on top? And if you are, what the heck does that mean? Get all the answers after taking this delicious personality quiz below!

Then, throw a cool ice cream sundae party with all your friends and find out who's your sundae twin. You might end up being sprinkle sisters!

This quiz originally appeared in the February 2017 issue of Bake It Up! You can purchase the issue here.


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