Did you watch My Lady Jane on Prime Video in one sitting, too? Just us? Got it! Well, if you have an empty spot in your heart where Guildford Dudley used to be, we broke down some TV shows and movies that give off the same vibes. Keep reading to uncover some binge-worthy recs!

Based on the best-selling novel, the Prime Video original series My Lady Jane follows the real-life Lady Jane Grey (played by Emily Bader), who unexpectedly becomes queen, making her a target for dissenters. Set in an alternate fantasy Tudor world, this historical reimagining was released on June 24, 2024, to fans’ delight.

But hold onto your corsets, because this isn’t your typical damsel-in-distress story. Oh no, Jane is reimagined as a total badass—a woman whose strength and sharp wit are her best weapons in navigating the treacherous waters of the Royal Court. And let’s not forget about Guildford Dudley (Edward Bluemel), her partner in crime and in life. Together, they’re out to shake up the status quo and maybe even bring some positive change to the kingdom.

Oh, and did I mention the banter? The back-and-forth between this husband-and-wife duo is pure gold, adding a delightful dose of humor to their epic journey. So, if you’re up for a blend of history, fantasy, and some seriously witty repartee, My Lady Jane is the binge-worthy series you’ve been waiting for!

According to the actors themselves, keeping that passion authentic meant throwing caution to the wind when it came to certain steamy scenes, as they spilled to The Wrap.

“We wanted it to be fun and realistic and show what it means to fall in love as a real woman, when you get a little bit angry, and you say something that you don’t really mean but you kind of mean it and asking for forgiveness and all those things. But yeah, we just went for it,” Emily said of their on-screen relationship.

And for those who can’t get enough of My Lady Jane‘s enchanting world, fear not! There are plenty of movies and shows that offer a similar blend of romance, drama, and period flair.

Scroll through our gallery to uncover all of the movies and shows that have My Lady Jane vibes.

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