Remember IM5? When the five-piece boy band formed in 2012, the group consisted of members Dana Vaughns, Gabe Morales, Will Jay, Cole Pendery and Dalton Rapattoni.

Throughout their time together, the group released some memorable tunes — like the song “Can’t Stay Away” with Bella Thorne — before Dalton left the group in 2014. Following his departure, IM5 added a new member, David Scarzone for a short stint within the band. With a new fifth member, they released singles like “Heartless,” but David said goodbye to the group after just six months. Then, in 2015, Will decided to leave the band to pursue solo projects.

From that point on, IM5 continued as a trio with Dana, Gabe and Cole remaining. In late 2015, eagle-eyed fans noticed that the IM5 social media accounts hadn’t been updated in a while. Following months of speculation, Dana confirmed in a since-deleted YouTube video from February 2016, that the group had decided to go to their separate ways in order to work on solo projects.

Cole, for one, started making music under the moniker RYDYR.

“This is more what I’m meant to do,” the musician told J-14 exclusively in March 2020 when promoting his “Dream Alone” single. “This is more of the music I was raised on.”

At the time, Cole also reflected on his days in IM5.

“That whole time of my life with the boy band was very structured, rehearsed,” he recalled. “I have not performed [under] my solo project RYDYR yet. I have had a lot of rehearsals. It’s different. This time it’s just more about [my] personal connection with the audience. I have some live musicians that play along with me, it’s a whole different thing.”

Even though they haven’t performed together in a while, fans are still hoping for an IM5 comeback in the future. And Cole didn’t promise a reunion, but he didn’t shut down the idea either.

“I don’t want to squash [rumors], but I don’t want to promise anything … Never say never. We have not had any dialogue toward [a comeback],” he told J-14 at the time, noting “I do stay in touch with all the guys, we do have good relationships.”

Since the band’s split, the former IM5 members have been hard at work on their own projects. While some have continued their music careers, others have even dipped their toes into other parts of the industry. Scroll through our gallery to see what the former members of IM5 are up to now.

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