YouTube star Ingrid Nilsen has found love again and she is really opening up about it!

In a Q&A video for fans, Ingrid revealed that she does, in fact, have a new girlfriend but wouldn't say her name. She made sure to let fans know that her girlfriend wouldn't be appearing in any of her videos but fully supports her from behind the camera!

After being asked if she has a girlfriend, Ingrid said, "Yes, I do and our relationship is something that is very special to both of us and at this point, we prefer to keep things private. You may see my girlfriend pop up in a photo or maybe on Snapchat but she’s not going to be making any appearances in my videos."

"She is amazing and she totally supports and loves what I do but she’s just not comfortable with being on camera since this is not her world like being on camera so she supports me from behind the scenes and it’s just been really awesome to have the time to get to know each other and build our relationship."

Aw! This is super cute and we love the fact that she's even sharing this much with us. Normally, Ingrid is super private when it comes to relationships and breakups. But it seems like she really wanted to open up in this video about this part of her life because she actually explained what happened six months ago when her last relationship fell apart.

The confession is heartbreaking but super-motivating for anyone that has gone through something like this. She reveals that she's been very upset these past few months and it was her friends who helped her out of her funk – being there for her day in and day out.

Ingrid continued, "Now I also want to share something else with you guys that I haven’t talked about but I do think that it’s relevant to this kind of section of the Q&A.

So I went through a break up almost six months ago, this is making my heart race, TBH. That’s because I normally don’t talk about break ups because there was really nothing to talk about. This break up that happened in the last six months though was very, very difficult and it’s difficult to talk about because it sucked. I spent these last months grappling with anxiety and bouts of depression and just really kind of retracting and not feeling like myself.

And within all of that was a lot of self-loathing and because of this I needed to pull away. And I’m sure a lot of you noticed that all of a sudden I wasn’t as active on social media and I just kind of pulled away. It doesn’t mean that every moment of every day was absolutely awful but the undertone of it all was really, really difficult….I basically felt like curling up in a fetal position and just staying in a corner. I pretty much felt like this every day."

She goes on to say that she told herself to just keep going. Now, she's found someone new to share her life with and seems like she's in a much better place. Fingers crossed Ingrid shares a photo with her new girlfriend ASAP!

Check out the entire video below and let us know what you think of Ingrid's confession!

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