There’s some serious bad blood between these witches! Sarah Jeffery has been feuding with the original Charmed cast since they criticized the CW reboot in 2018, in which the Descendants alum stars as Maggie Vera. Now, as the show ends with season 4 as their final season, Sarah explained she had hoped for a “full circle moment” with the OG cast that didn’t happen.

Holly Marie Combs and Rose McGowan — who played Piper Halliwell and Paige Matthews in the original show, which aired on the WB from 1998 until 2006 — repeatedly criticized the Charmed reboot, even saying it “sucks.” The reimagined version stars Sarah alongside Madeleine Mantock and Melonie Diaz as the new trio of witches. After hearing their comments, Sarah clapped back and started a feud between the sets of actresses.

At the time, Holly called for an end to all of the drama on Twitter.

“My Charmed friends … I would like everyone to stop. Truth be told, and it will be told, is that our issues were and are at the corporate level. And we have the receipts. Just as the new cast were asked to be people they were not, we were given ultimatums that were crazily unfair,” she wrote on Twitter on October 15, 2020. “And I will say to the ladies of the reboot … stick together … negotiate together and know that the discourse between us, you guys and crews being discarded and replaced is what they bank on. Division. That is all. Blessed be.”

Fast forward to June 2022, Sarah told E! News that she understands where the animosity is coming from. She said, “I’ve heard through the grapevine that there was there are some feuding going on and I understand because it’s such a beloved show, so I’ve known from the beginning that there would be fans and people who were protective of the original show.”

She also explained her disappointment to end the show with season 4, as they were hoping to close out the series on season 5 — with an OG cast cameo, too! “I would have loved to have the OGs come and play if they wanted to,” she said. “I would have been honored to have them and just make it a full circle moment. And I hope that the fans would have appreciated that as well.”

Charmed fans, get CW on the phone — we need season 5, stat!

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