We wondered if Ariana Grande's rumored diva behavior was getting out of control when she allegedly caused one of her employees to quit, but now it looks like this story is a lot more complicated. The singer's disgruntled choreographer/life coach is actually her longtime bestie Isaac Calpito!


He tried to clear the air about the rumors, but we were left with even more questions. While he says that he wasn't fired and denied any juicy story behind his departure, it seems like these BFFs don't talk to each other anymore.

As recently as five months ago, the "Break Free" singer called him "my best friend," so we wonder what happened! While Isaac makes it seem like there are no bad feelings between them, he sounds more like a fan of her music than her friend and creative collaborator.

They have been close for so long that he was one of the first people she thanked in her Yours Truly liner notes — he used to choreograph basically all her music videos and performances. We can't believe they're not friends anymore! It's so sad.

Do you think that Ariana is fighting with her bestie? What do you think happened between them? Tell us in the comments!

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