Ever since Bella Thorne ended her relationship with Gregg Sulkin last year, her love life has been on display as she constantly shared updates of the people she was dating on social media. While fans are used to that as well as her often sharing photos of her in a bikini, her most recent picture has people talking and wondering if perhaps she misses her ex or is trying to send him a message.

Bella shared an old photo of herself, saying she was going back to that hair color since she has been coloring it in various colors recently. "Throwbackkkk ?? guess who's going back to blonde ;))," the tweet said.

It was not the actual photo that caught fans' attention. The actress actually took a screenshot of the photo in her camera roll and uploaded the screengrab instead of the actual image. When fans looked at the collection of photos under the bikini pic, they saw that there were images stored that seemed to be of Bella and Gregg!

bella thorne gregg

Some fans even posted a zoomed in version of the photos and they look similar to the ones the couple used to shared on social media when they were still together:

Fans were quick to point out that Gregg was in her camera roll, and while some were happy to see that she had not deleted those images some were not happy and shared their feelings with the star saying: "bruh.. you and gregg broke up DELETE THE PHOTOS."

"I'm just trying to figure out why you screenshot this instead of just posting it," user @tayidaniels asked and another user under the name @thehashtagpll replied insinuating that she did it on purpose saying she, "most likely wanted us to see the pics at the bottom lmao."

While fans will never truly know whether or not Bella did this on purpose, unless she clarifies, it is totally normal to save photos of your past in your phone. Some people like to constantly clean out their phone, but others keep pictures for years and that is totally understandable. Sometimes it is a good feeling to look back and see how far you have come since certain images were taken or to appreciate how life has changed since.

Bella and Gregg were such a cute couple that we would understand if she missed him, but for now we cannot wait to see her hair go back to blonde.

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