Girl Meets World star Corey Fogelmanis has become a hot commodity over the past year and everyone is dying to know if he has a girlfriend or if he's just casually dating. He has really grown up and his fans absolutely adore him so it makes sense why his love life is something of major interest at the moment. The Disney Channel actor has been linked to his co-star Sabrina Carpenter in the past, but it seems like nothing much is going on there. They have been friends for a long time and they are really close, but the ~feelings~ have yet to become official – as far as we know.

He posted a series of photo of him and Sabrina on Instagram at the beginning of September and the Internet nearly broke. Why? Because they were holding hands, that's why! Corey captioned the picture gallery, "The carpenters were in town for a day
photos by: @dontshakethepolaroid."

But don't get your hopes up too fast. As cute as they might be, Corey spoke to RAW and set the record straight about his relationship status. He said, "I am single. I’m in a relationship with my career right now, sorry."

Okay, Corey, no need to apologize. We get what he's saying, though. He's super young and wants to focus on his career. Can you imagine if he DID date someone like Sabrina or another Disney Channel star? Everyone's focus would be drawn to that and not his work. So, yes, he's single and it sounds like he's not ready to mingle. He might love Sabrina as a friend, but anything more than that is completely off the table – for now.

When Corey IS ready for a relationship, we'll be right there waiting to see who he has his sights set on. He told RAW that he's got a celebrity crush on Cloris Leachman which is…LOL. We're thinking that Cloris might be a little too old for Corey but hey, the heart wants what it wants, right?

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