Hmm 🤔: So What Ever Happened to Jughead's Pooch Hot Dog On 'Riverdale?'

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It's safe to say every Riverdale fans agree Cole Sprouse's version of Jughead Jones is one of the best parts of the show. This role literally got him back on our television screens after being gone for years, since he and his twin brother Dylan decided to take a break from acting and go to college. So you know this character is something special. OG Archie Comics fans know though there are certain criteria he needed to meet, like the famous crown, a love of burgers and his dog, Hot Dog. Cole has two out of three of these checkpoints already on Riverdale: the crown beanie, and he's made it clear he's always down to eat a burger at Pop's anytime. So what about his beloved pooch?

Jughead's dog Hot Dog has appeared on Riverdale.

Yes, that's right, the dog has been on the show already! It was a very quick scene and he's technically not just Juggy's dog. But in the season one finale, the Southside Serpents stop buy to officially welcome Jughead into their crew, leather jacket and all. And as he's getting his warm welcome, a dog barks and one of the Serpents tells Hot Dog that Jug is family.

So Hot Dog exists! His appearance on the show was all thanks to Cole's insistence it happens which the showrunner of the series, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa told MTV all about.

"Listen, that was all Cole. He really wanted Hot Dog. In a way, Cole is even more of a purist than I am, especially when it comes to Jughead and the Jughead mythology. For me, I was like, 'I don't know if the Serpents are going to have a sheepdog. He's more like a junkyard dog. TV adaptations reinvent stuff all the time.' And Cole was like, 'Fine. But you're not reinventing Hot Dog.' He had a really good point. Cole is an artist. He's very passionate, and I'm glad Hot Dog is a sheepdog and that he's now in our universe," Roberto said.

Roberto was ready to find a totally different type of dog, but Cole didn't want it any other way, so they made it happen.

"He really wanted a sheepdog to play Hot Dog. He was really passionate about that. It was very hard to find a sheepdog in Vancouver who could deliver all of the nuance that Hot Dog required. It all happened at the last second. Basically, when we got the dog, I said to Cole, 'We're going to try and make this work, but if this dog comes in and he can't deliver as Hot Dog, we're just going to do the scene without Hot Dog.' And he was like, "That dog better deliver." And the dog did great! You'll be seeing more of Hot Dog in Season 2 for sure."

Will Hot Dog be in the show more?

OK, so according to Roberto, there's possibly more Hot Dog scenes on the way that Jughead is a full-blown Serpent. But. Cole did appear on Late Night with Seth Meyers and spilled about how he fought to find the perfect Hog Dog, but in his eyes, the experience wasn't the best.

"Jughead's dog in the comics is a dog called Hot Dog and he's undoubtedly the worst part of the digests, hands down, he's the scariest thing and really adds not too much but for some reason I was addicted to the idea of having an English sheepdog like he is in the comics and he was originally pitched as like a pit bull. And I thought okay well we need to figure out a way to get an English sheepdog," Cole explained. "So for like a week, I was trying to wear Roberto down about this and we got this dog and this dog was the worst actor I have ever worked with. It barks the whole time, it didn't hit its mark, it broke fourth wall consistently, it was just no good."

YIKES, this Hot Dog didn't leave the best impression on Cole. Now, Cole being Cole was obviously telling this story with a joking manner, but it seems like this particular pooch just isn't cut out to be one of the stars of The CW series after all. We hope Hot Dog makes another appearance though, since Cole did work so hard to get him on the show!

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