As most Beliebers know, Justin Bieber wasn't born in the United States and is actually from Stratford, a city in Ontario, Canada. This isn't new news by any means, but the fact that more than 100,000 people signed a petition to have him deported out of the country is definitely something that caused everyone's jaws to drop.

The petition, which was created on January 23rd on the White House's official website, has gained enough signatures to get put on President Obama's agenda, which means he has to take it as a serious matter and address the issue with the White House.

If the people who signed the petition get what they want, Justin's green card will get revoked and he'll be sent back home, causing a mixed reaction on Twitter. Some people couldn't be happier that the "Heartbreaker" star could get kicked out of the country, including Drake Bell who proudly signed, while the other half is freaking out hoping it doesn't happen.

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