Gone-A-Rooney: Is 'Liv and Maddie' Over For Good?

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It's always hard when one of our favorite shows like Liv and Maddie finally ends. Viewers have gone through so much with the fictional set of twins and have grown up with actress Dove Cameron over the years as well. Still, we'll always have the memories the Rooney family shared with us!

Is Liv and Maddie over?

Hate to break it to you, but yes. The hit Disney Channel show had its last episode on March 24, 2017. The fourth season of Liv and Maddie was the final one. The episode, called “End-A-Rooney,” tied up loose ends and sent our beloved characters off to bigger and better things.

SPOILER ALERT: In a major plot twist, the series ends as we learn that the Rooney family has been starring in a reality TV show the entire time. In the finale, Liv will spend the summer New York, where she will star in a Broadway musical, and then return to Los Angeles to film another season of Sing It Live. Maddie gets grant money to build houses in New Orleans, with Diggie right by her side. Joey lands a stand-up comedy gig and Parker heads off to the biodome that has been relocated in Bolivia.

So, what was Liv and Maddie Cali Style, exactly?

When the third season of Liv and Maddie ended, fans were beginning to worry that it wouldn’t be coming back. Then, finally, Disney Channel announced that they’re bringing the show back, but it’s not what it used to be! The fourth season of Liv and Maddie is called Liv and Maddie Cali Style.

The Rooneys are moving to California after their house was destroyed and it’s perfect because Liv can pursue her acting her career and Maddie can go to college! There are so many changes, like a little cousin named Ruby. Plus, Joey tries to reinvent himself as a cool kid. As much as we loved Cali Style, it was after this season of Liv and Maddie that Disney Channel decided to end the show for good.

Will there be a Liv and Maddie movie?

There's no evidence that a movie will happen, Joey Bragg was quick to suggest it! He has suggested on Instagram that the fans rally for a movie to end the franchise. "Now, let's demand a #LivAndMaddieMovie," he wrote.

In addition, writer John Beck has tweeted that he wishes they could have made Season 5 of the show. When fans asked why he wasn't writing more Liv and Maddie, John says he wishes that they could have!

Still, we're not getting our hopes up. Beyond the fact that the plot is all wrapped up, the showrunners of the TV series have switched to Nickelodeon! They're working on a new show called Knight Squad. Sounds like they've truly moved on...

How did the cast say goodbye to Liv and Maddie?

Dove Cameron shared a series of posts on social media, all of which brought us to tears. She wrote a long post on Instagram, accompanied by a super sweet photo from the last episode. Dove also tweeted:

A fan even asked how she even made it through the final song without crying, and she admitted, “there's a lottttttttttt of takes where i didn't." The feels!

Joey also wrote a super long Instagram caption saying how much he’d miss the show and its cast members. He wrote, "I am sad to see Liv and Maddie stop airing new episodes but this will forever be remembered as the peak of my career than I can reflect on from rock bottom. To the fans that watched from the beginning I can't thank you enough."

Finally, little bro Parker Rooney, played by Tenzing Trainor, kept it short and sweet. He captioned an Instagram post “Bye” and tweeted: “I hope we made you laugh.”

Where is the cast now?

Well, we all know where Liv and Maddie went! Dove Cameron is still the queen of Disney and plays Mal in the iconic Descendants movies. (She's also dating her co-star, Thomas Doherty.) Soon, the actress is coming out with a debut solo single called “Talks About.”

Joey Bragg has his own podcast and stars in a Funny or Die series. Tenzing Trainor just celebrated his 16th birthday. Jessica Marie Garcia, who played Willow, stars in the Hulu show Betch and is engaged to be married.

Where can you watch Liv and Maddie? Is Liv and Maddie on Netflix?

Disney Channel still plays old episodes of Liv and Maddie pretty often, but if you want to get the full Rooney experience, there's another option! The Disney Now app or Watch Disney Channel online feature episodes that you can watch whenever. All four seasons are also on Netflix!

Liv and Maddie may be officially gone, but we certainly won't forget it! Liv, Maddie, their friends, and the adventures they had will always live on.


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