Makeup is something most people encounter at some point in their lives and you get to decide if and when you ever wear some. Maybe you just like to enhance your natural beauty only on special occasions, or maybe you don't leave the house without a face filled with shimmering highlighter and winged eyeliner you can spot a mile away. The beauty of makeup is that it's all in YOUR control, from how much you wear, to how often, to which colors. It's all an experiment.

So that's why it really grinds my gear when people comment on someone else's makeup. Specifically when guys have something to say about girls. Anyone can wear makeup men or women, but why is it that some guys think it's OK to tell girls they shouldn't wear makeup? For example, let's bring in the one and only Jake Paul: in one of his recent vlogs, he is seen "arguing" with his supposed girlfriend Erika Costell because she mentioned that she wanted to put some makeup on. In comes Jake who thinks he's being a gentleman I guess by letting Erika know she doesn't need any makeup and looks stunning without it.

"We're kind of in an argument right now. Look at her right now. She looks so beautiful and I told her I was going to get mad at her if she put on makeup and she's like, 'No I need makeup.' You look beautiful, you don't need to do your hair. Who is she trying to look good for besides me?" Jake says to the camera as Erika, members of Team 10 and Jake's mom are all there. He even throws a fake tantrum of holding his breath until she decides to not put makeup on.

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And most likely, any girl has heard something along these lines from a guy in her life, whether it be a boyfriend, family member or friend, that is very similar to what Jake said. These guys are trying to tell you that you don't need any makeup because you look better without anything on, so they want you to feel good about yourself, right? Well, this is where things get problematic: girls don't wear makeup for guys. Girls wear makeup because they want to. For themselves. Maybe makeup does make someone feel more confident about herself or maybe just maybe, it's something fun and isn't about making yourself seem "prettier," just a way to spice up your look and change things up every day if you want. It often seems like in a guy's mind, he thinks a girl wears makeup because she's trying to cover up how her face actually looks when in reality, that's not always the case. Actually, most of the time that isn't it at all.

You wear mascara to make your eyes pop a bit more and show off how long your eyelashes are, a little lip color to accentuate your smile or you put some glitter eyeshadow on because glitter makeup always makes everything better. See what guys don't realize is that if a girl decides to wear makeup she's not saying she doesn't like the way she looks "naturally." You can be fully confident with or without makeup. It all comes down to the girl and want makes her happy when it comes to her makeup routine. So fellas, please refrain from telling a girl she doesn't have to wear makeup. Us ladies are all very aware we don't have to do anything we don't want to. If she's putting makeup on it's not because she has to, it's because she wants to, so respect that. That's all we're asking for out here, a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T and no judgement for our beauty choices. And some lip gloss, maybe.

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