Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have been at the center of so much speculation from the start of their relationship, and even now that they have reconciled after some time apart, the pair cannot shake the rumors regarding their love life. The latest claim says that the couple has been fighting nonstop and it is the reason why they can't set a date for their wedding.

Star magazine is reporting that the two lovebirds are having so many arguments that their relationship is actually in trouble. A source allegedly told the mag that the cause of the arguments stems from where the couple wants to live and how big of a wedding they want to have, and they just can't seem to agree.

“They’re constantly fighting and can’t seem to agree on anything. Miley wants to live in L.A., but Liam wants to go back to Australia. She thinks they should just elope, while he wants a proper wedding. They’re a mess!” the source said.

This informant who says they are close to the couple is even saying that family and friends of the couple think the wedding will not even happen after all. What?!

“Miley and Liam claim they can’t set a date because they can’t agree on the venue or the guest list or a budget, but the truth it, it’s bigger than that.” So what really is it?

The claims come after the couple has spent their birthdays and holidays with each other and their families, gushing about one another on social media and even after they have been spotted out on dates recently looking as happy as ever. They are a super young couple, and just because they are engaged it does not mean they have to rush into a wedding right away.

A trustworthy source close to them has denied these claims and said that the report of them fighting constantly is absolutely “false.” We thought so!

We are cheering for Miley and Liam and hope that they continue to enjoy each other's company and don't feel any pressure to rush into anything if they are not ready for it.

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