Is Noah Schnapp single? The Stranger Things star came out as gay in a TikTok video posted on January 5, 2023, with a wave of support from his followers and fans.

In the clip , the Netflix actor wrote, “When I finally told my friends and family I was gay after being scared in the closet for 18 years and all they said was ‘we know.'” Noah lip-synched the writing to an audio clip from a different TikTok of someone saying, “You know what it never was? That serious. It was never that serious. Quite frankly, will never be that serious.”

In the caption to his TikTok video, he wrote, “I guess I’m more similar to Will than I thought.”

Noah is referring to his Stranger Things character Will Byers, who the actor confirmed was gay in an interview with Variety in July 2022. “Now it’s 100% clear that he is gay and he does love Mike [Wheeler],” he said following the show’s season 4 premiere.

Since coming out, Noah’s Stranger Things costar Finn Wolfhard told GQ Magazine that he was “really proud” of his friend for coming out. “When I saw it, I just had a big smile on my face. I was just really proud of him,” he told the outlet in February 2023.

On top of that, Noah said how important it was for his “coming out” to be light and “casual” during an interview with Variety in August 2023.

Noah also shared a text his grandfather sent him shortly coming out in a TikTok video from February 2023. “Hey noah I became aware today of your public announcement that you are gay,” the Netflix star’s grandfather wrote in a text message shared by the actor. “I just want you to know that I love you the same and I’m happy for you to be open and to be yourself. Just be proud of who and what you are. Iris and I are supportive of y

our honestly and ability to express your true self! Love you to the moon and back.”

Keep reading for everything we know on Noah’s dating life and whether he is single or taken.

Is Noah Schnapp Single?

Noah has yet to confirm he is in any romantic relationship — but he does have close friendships with his Stranger Things cast members, especially Millie Bobby Brown.

“To get to work with Millie, it’s been such a blast,” Noah told Extra in May 2022. “She’s so talented and just working off of her is amazing and I just learn so much with her, so great ride.”

He added, “It’s been fun, off set just to be together and be able to play that because prior to that [season 4], we never really had any scenes or much [chance] to work together. That was the first time we really got to be together and work alongside each other, and it was great.”

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