Keeping her romance out of the public eye? Mads Lewis made headlines for her former romance with fellow Internet personality Jaden Hossler, a.k.a. Jxdn, but it seems like the TikTok star has since moved on. Keep reading for updates on her dating life. 

Is Mads Lewis Single?

It’s unclear if Mads is single or taken, as she just split from fitness trainer Kevin Mejia in March 2023 after dating for over a year.

However, the actress-turned-internet personality, teased that she might already be dating someone new following her most recent breakup.

After “BFFs” podcast cohost Brianna Chickenfry asked Mads if she was single during an episode from April 2023, the TikTok star gave a cryptic answer. Mads revealed, “You know Bri, I find myself never being single for longer than a week.”


Who Is Kevin Mejia?

According to Mads’ “BFFs” podcast appearance, Kevin is the “lead trainer” at Dog Pound Los Angeles, which is a fitness gym chain.

“I didn’t train with him, I was actually nervous to train with him,” Mads explained about how she and Kevin met. “The first time I trained with him, I was 18.”

Is TikTok Star Mads Lewis Dating Anyone After Jaden Hossler Breakup Drama? Get Updates
Kevin Mejia/ Instagram

Why Did Mads Lewis and Jaden Hossler Break Up?

Mads and Jaden were together for more than a year, going public with their romance in July 2019. However, they didn’t officially start dating in September of that same year.

“We became really good friends and then just fell in love,” Jaden told Hollywire in February 2020 of his past relationship.

However, at the end of their relationship, a lot of drama occurred when Mads claimed that Jaden had started dating Nessa Barrett with a since-deleted TikTok video.

“I don’t need to explain myself to anyone,” Mads fired back in a March 2021 Instagram comment. “I agree the video was immature and I could have expressed myself in a different way or even just kept it to myself. But I’m tired of looking like I’m the bad guy cause people unfollow me. I was never jealous of a song nor jealous of her. I know Ness better than anyone, and she knows exactly why I posted this video and that’s all that matters.”

That being said, Mads has since gotten over her ex.

“Love the kid. I wish him the absolute f–king best,” she said while appearing on an episode of the “Call Her Daddy” podcast in April 2021. “I love Jaden. I wish him the absolute f–king best. I want him happy so if him being happy is being with Nessa, be with f–king Nessa.”

As for the reason behind her and Jaden’s split? Mads said, they “weren’t healthy and we weren’t making each other happy.”

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