A little over a week after leaving Daisy Keech‘s TikTok squad, The Clubhouse, former Disney Channel star Isaak Presley decided to start his own. Yep, the 18-year-old recently shared his plans to start Clubhouse For The Boys, and we have all the details!

As fans know, when Isaak, Sebastian Topete, Chase Keith and Christopher Romero officially departed The Clubhouse, they let fans know that there was no bad blood between any of the members. Now we know, they left to start their own TikTok venture. According to an interview with Insider, Isaak said the goal of the house is “not to be dramatic and problematic.”

“Our goal is to have fun, be entertaining, have something there for everyone to love. But at the end of the day, keep our noses clean and our shoulders upright,” the former Stuck In The Middle star told the publication.

For those who missed it, Isaak and the boys first revealed the Clubhouse For The Boys (FTB for short) on Instagram with a since-deleted account. When talking to Insider, Isaak also opened up about the boys’ decision to branch out from The Clubhouse and make their own house.

“I think we all just realized that the dynamic of the boys, you know, there might be something there,” he explained. “I remember Daisy and I were having a laugh about how, now, we can all just abuse each other and then run away to our own houses. There are already about two or three pranks the boys that I have in mind that we’re excited to go do over at BH.”

Prepare yourselves for some pretty epic prank content, people. Aside from the entertainment factor of the Clubhouse FTB, Isaak also has big plans to make it as diverse as possible with members.

“Seb and Chris and I are all Hispanic or Latino or Spanish,” he said. “I think if more kids see kids who look like them doing things that they want to do, it’ll inspire a new generation.”

As for new members, well, Diego Martir is already set to join. But Isaak wants to be careful about who he lets in the group.

“From a very early age, I realized the controversies that can come when you toss a bunch of teenagers, young adults together and have them be together all the time. And working together, especially. Because one thing is conflicting interests and personal lives. And then, once you add work into it, it can sometimes cause problems,” he dished.

Well, we’re seriously on board for whatever content these boys upload and can’t wait for more from them!

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