J-14 recently sat down with actress Isabella Acres, who stars in the Amazon Original Series The Kicks, as "mean girl" Mirabelle Harris.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the show, we asked Isabella to tell us a little bit about the plot, and what viewers can expect.

"The Kicks is about a girl who moves to California with her family and has to join a new school and soccer team only to discover that the team isn’t quite what she expected. The show follows the girls on the team as they try to navigate various challenges on and off the field," she EXCLUSIVELY told us.

Of course, we had to dig a little deeper and ask the actress to tell us what episode she's most excited for viewers to see.

"I’m most excited for J-14ers to see the episode titled 'Go Big or Go Home.' I don’t want to spoil anything, but you get to see more of the true Mirabelle….and trust me, this one gets real!"

Now, the cast of The Kicks is always having such a fun time together, but we wanted to know what other young Hollywood star Isabella would like to join the show, and her answer was so sweet. She picked her sister, Ava Acres!

"She's an incredible actor and singer, and we've always dreamed of working together on a show or a movie," Isabella continued.

You can follow Isabella on Twitter @RealBellaAcres and check out The Kicks exclusively on Amazon Prime Video August 26th!

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