ITZY is back! The powerhouse K-pop girl group is set to release their much-anticipated album Kill My Doubt in July 2023. Keep reading for details on their 2023 comeback, pre-release singles, album and more.

When Is ITZY Releasing Their Album? 2023 Comeback Details

ITZY is preparing to release their album Kill My Doubt on July 31, 2023, with the lead single and music video “Cake” dropping on the same day.

The girl group also dropped the pre-release video for “Bet on Me” on July 3, with the second pre-release track “None of My Business” premiering on July 24.

ITZY admitted that the group still gets nervous about their upcoming comebacks, but they are positive fans will like the new songs. “We’re still a little bit nervous because we had lots of songs before,” Yuna told UpRoxx in June 2023. “When we release the new music, I think our fans will love these new songs on the album but that thinking makes me nervous.”

Members in K-pop groups often change up their appearance every comeback, and specifically, their hair. For ITZY’s upcoming comeback, it was Lia‘s turn to take on the hair-changing task.

Being the only member who hasn’t bleached her hair since debut, the vocalist went blonde! “I was actually worried before dyeing it,” Lia told UpRoxx. “It’s not like I wanted to do it, but it was a suggestion because I never tried dying my hair after debut. It was always dark so somehow I thought ‘Okay. I guess it’s my turn.'”

Who Are ITZY?

Known for their impressive choreography and catchy lyrics fueled with girl power, ITZY debuted as a girl group under JYP Entertainment on February 12, 2019. The members include leader Yeji, Lia, RyujinChaeryeong and Yuna.

ITZY’s name is a play on the Korean word “to have it all,” and the group is one of the most groundbreaking K-pop acts in the fourth generation.

“Our members were meant to perform,” Lia told Teen Vogue in August 2022. “Individually, their dance skills are awesome. Even when they were trainees, their dancing skills were great.”

“All the members are really capable in many ways,” Ryujin added. “We can be a performance group, but we can try anything and have a great result.”

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