Hi J-14ers,

Each morning I pretend I'm Lea Michele and sing at the top of my lungs in my car on my ride to work. I was almost in tears last night when I got to my apartment at 8:10 p.m., missing the first 10 minutes of the new episode of Glee… good thing I DVR it. The background of my work computer is always a photo from Glee — my current one is of John Stamos and Matthew Morrison from next week's episode (but more on that later). I literally jumped for joy when someone mailed me Glee's season one DVD set.

Simply put, I'm a Gleek.

So you could imagine my excitement (and my proverbial countdown!) all day yesterday. I literally watched the trailer every hour and flipped through J-14's Glee photo gallery in anticipation.

There were so many questions going through my head — even though the glee club was here to stay, were the members of New Directions going to be totally discouraged because they didn't place at regionals? What was going to happen between Lea's character, Rachel, and newest addition to McKinley high, Sunshine Corazon, played by the insanely talented Charice. (If you haven't checked out Charice's video on j14.com of her singing a medley of Justin Bieber tunes, do so now!) Was Quinn gonna become Queen Bee again? And more importantly, are Rachel and Finn really meant to be? (For the record, I'm Team Finchel!)

So as I sat on my bed last night with a freshly opened bag of Tostitos and I paid attention to every line, every syllable, every song and dance number to find my answers.

Here's what you missed on Glee: Rachel and Finn are still dating, Finn got kicked off the football team by new football coach and new Sue Sylvester nemesis, Coach Beiste, Finn then tried out for the Cheerios, which Quinn is now the head cheerleader of and Quinn and her best friend Santana got in a fist fight in the hallway. Speaking of hallway, Tina dumped Artie and is dating Mike and holding hands with him in the hallway. They got together at Asian camp. To win Tina back, Artie wanted to join the football team. The football team has a new quarterback, Sam, who can also sing! He wowed the guys in New Directions with his version of "Billionaire," but ultimately didn't audition for New Directions. They also made a joke about his "Bieber" haircut. (I'm a sucker for pop culture references!) Rachel felt totally threatened by Sunshine when they had a "Telephone" sing-off in the bathroom, but Rachel swallowed her pride when Sunshine finally got to audition for glee club and blew everyone away when she sang "Listen" from Dreamgirls. But Sue, who got mad at Mr. Schuester for not teaming up with her against Coach Beiste, told New Directions' rival glee club Vocal Adrenaline about their newest singer, Sunshine, and they stole her.


All I can say is that after what seemed like an eternity for new episodes of my guilty pleasure, Glee did not disappoint. I literally watched the episode again this morning on my computer (Shh! Don't tell my boss!)

One week til the next episode seems to far away… but it will SO be worth the wait. Next week's episode, called "Brittany/Britney" has two of my favorite people in the world in it: Britney Spears and John Stamos. John plays Carl, a dentist who is also the love interest of school counselor Emma and he will be causing New Directions to have hallucinations of Britney Spears. Ahh! I can't wait.

Each week I will be blogging so keep checking back!

What was your favorite part of last night's Glee episode?

J-14 Editor

Photo: Adam Rose/FOX

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