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It is a very sad week, one of my favorite shows was cancelled. Jonas L.A. is done. After having two very successful seasons the brothers' show ended. It brought many laughs and enjoyable music to the Disney Channel. This week I thought I'd recap some of my favorite moments of the show.

In the first episode, Nick performs the song "Give Love a Try" about this girl he's crushing on. The song is super good and catchy. It's hilarious how things pan out in the episode. Next, my favorite episode of JONAS season one is the one where the brothers are trying to do things that normal teenagers do such as taking out the trash for their mother. The things they go through to try to accomplish the task is hysterical! Season one was fantastic to say the least.

Season two was Jonas L.A. The brothers, Stella, and Macy make their way to Los Angeles for the summer. There were so many great moments. The episode where Nick and Kevin compete in ping pong to try to see which brother will go to the celebrity ping pong match. So funny! It makes me very happy Nick and Macy fall for each other, and Joe and Stella finally become boyfriend and girlfriend. Another rad thing going on in the second season is Kevin's convertible aka the food grease machine. Jonas L.A. came along with the sickest soundtrack. My favorite song off of it was either "Your Biggest Fan" or "Make It Right."

I'm definitely going to miss this show a lot! I can't wait to see what they do next and I'm hoping this means a new Jonas Brothers record. Have a stellar weekend!

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