The J-14 editors spent their first day back after Thanksgiving break in the best way possible — hanging with One Direction! Between playing Truth or Dare, chatting about their new Hasbro singing dolls, and chilling in their Times Square hotel in New York City, we had so many awesome moments with the guys on Monday, November 26! Here are a few of our favorites:

"My favorite moment was watching the boys interact with each other. They're always feeding from one another's energy whether they're singing or chasing each other around the room. I also loved watching Liam singing a quote from my favorite holiday movie, 'Elf,' 'I'm in a store and I'm singing!' while we photographed the boys." –J-14 Photo Assistant Nicole Mazza

"I loved when Liam, Louis, and Zayn switched clothes and shoes! I even noticed that Louis was wearing socks!" –J-14 Photo Director Danielle Kepler

"My favorite part of the day was getting to sit down and chat with Niall one-on-one — literally! He hopped off his chair right away and insisted that I sit down while we talked — what a gentleman!" –J-14 Assistant Editor Laura Knipping

"When One Direction was ready to pose for their J-14 group picture, Niall was off to the side eating a peach yogurt. Everyone was telling him to hurry, but I said, 'He's a growing boy, he needs to eat!' He smiled, lifted up his shirt, and rubbed his bare belly. What a Niall moment — too cute!" –J-14 Editor-in-Chief Rachel Chang

"Before interviewing Harry, he came over and gave me one of his famous hugs. It was so heartfelt, in fact, that his arm kind of pushed into my throat and I could barely sputter a 'Hi!' Talk about getting choked up!" –J-14 Deputy Editor Ashley Spencer

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Photo: Danielle Kepler/J-14 Magazine

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