J-14 recently sat down with the boys of 4Count — Adam Ackerman, Kieran Ackerman, Aaron Scott, and Ben Robinson. They're signed under Nick Cannon's music label 'Ncredible and they're on their way to becoming the next big thing.They're boys and they're in a band, but whatever you do, don't call them a boy band! "We call ourselves a guy group because it sounds a little more mature," Aaron says. "We're older."

J-14: How was the band started, and how did you come up with the name?

Adam: [Kieran] and I are brothers. We were background dancers for Nick [Cannon]'s group School Gyrls and they remembered us when they were starting up the guy group. We met with Nick and he told us all the plans for 4Count and we were super excited — it was just the two of us at the time. We had an audition to find these two [Aaron and Ben]. Nick came up with the name.

J-14: What's it like working with Nick?

Aaron: Working with Nick is a huge honor for us. He's a mentor. He can kick back and hang out with us in his sweat suit, but also he just works so hard. It's good to watch him.

J-14: When did you know that you wanted to be singers?

Ben: My first time really experiencing singing in front of people was on a cruise ship. There was a girl I liked on the cruise. I knew I could dance, so I was like maybe if I dance and sing it might work. I did "The Way You Make Me Feel" by Michael Jackson and it turns out I did really good!

J-14: How would you describe your sound?

Ben: We do hip-hop and R&B. But we all like different types of music!

J-14: There's obviously a lot of boy bands these days like One Direction and The
Wanted. What makes you different?

Aaron: We like their music and we respect their grind. We're trying to create a culture where you can like more than one group. There are different genres of music, different styles. You listen to different types of music, you might as well like different bands.

Have you checked out 4Count yet? What do you think of their music?

Photo courtesy of Laura Knipping/J-14 Magazine.
Written by: Melissa Flores

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