This winter, pop brother trio Before You Exit is hitting the road on Action Item's The Resolution Tour and J-14 is giving you a sneak peak in to the lives of the boys while they keep us up to date in their exclusive tour diaries from the road! Check out the third tour diary below from the youngest brother, Toby McDonough.

So far on this tour we've had so much fun. Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas were all some great shows. My favorite memories start from playing football in the parking lot of Austin Texas at Stubbs Barbecue with all of the other bands to making a full band run to Starbucks in Houston, Texas. Meeting everyone at the shows has also been a huge highlight of tour!

Traveling on the bus with everyone from venue to venue definitely brings up some funny stories. We have so much fun on the bus like starting from dance parties in the back of the bus to throwing the football through the bus with each other. One time while tossing the football, someone decided to kick the football and it flew straight into Connor's bunk and hit the milk he was drinking right out of his hands and directly into his face. We were all cracking up and laughed for at least thirty minutes. There are so many tour stories to share and those are just a few of my favorite from this tour. Hope to see some of you out at the shows!


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Photo: Courtesy of Before You Exit

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