With the surprising announcement that Demi Lovato checked into a treatment center for "emotional and physical issues" over the weekend, many have been speculating about the circumstances surrounding her sudden departure from the Camp Rock tour with the Jonas Brothers.

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J-14 just got off the phone with We The Kings' singer Travis Clark, a good friend of Demi's. In late 2009, Demi sang the duet "We'll Be A Dream" with We the Kings — and Travis was quick to come to Demi's defense.

"I speak with her frequently, so I knew [many of the rumors out there] were lies," Travis Clark tells J-14. "It's tough for any one of us to be in the public eye at all times. If I go missing for a day, people are like, 'He's entered rehab and he's gone completely off the deep end.' It's a classic, 'Don't believe everything you hear' story. Unfortunately there are a lot of rumors and a lot of lies out there. But in a positive way, it helps bring everybody together. People are there supporting her whether it's real or not — they want her to know that they're there for her whenever she needs it. It's just about how loyal fans are."

Travis also explains that despite hanging out with her a few times this year, he didn't see something like this coming. "I saw her a few times while she was on the road when we were in the same cities and we'd hang out," he says. "It was fun. We had a good time together and she was completely happy and really outgoing. She was just the Demi that I've always known and it was totally normal. So that's why I know it's not a severe issue. It's been blown out of proportion and that can really wear on anybody."

Stay tuned for more big news from Travis!

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Photos: Courtesy of Brett Pawlak

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