"When I Fall" by Ali Brustofski ft Veslocki is the perfect summer song to jam out to in the car with your friends, and the music video will make you love the song even more.

J-14 has the exclusive premiere of Ali's "When I Fall" music video and we are LOVING it! This upbeat song already made us want to dance from start to finish, and now that it's paired with an awesome visual, we love it even more!

The colorful video looked like it was so much fun to film, so we just had to ask Ali to tell us about the filming process.

The video for my single "When I Fall" was so much fun to film! It was great working with my director, Tolan Aman, to come up with visuals we thought would fit the fun, upbeat feel of the song. We filmed the video at YouTube Space New York and everyone in the crew was amazing to work with! They really made sure everyone was having a great time and loving the content we were getting. It took one full day to film both of my looks and the shots of Veslocki. I'm super stoked about the final product and am so excited to finally be sharing it with the world!

We also asked Ali to tell us what her favorite memory was from filming. Here's what she said!

We had so much fun that day, but I gotta say using a crazy powerful fan to blow my hair for one shot was probably one of my favorite parts. I got to have my Beyoncé moment and it was incredible! Lol

Who doesn't love a good Beyoncé moment!

Be sure to check out Ali's video for "When I Fall" below, and let us know what your favorite part is!

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