J-14 is scouting out the hottest bands around… and this week's pick is Midnight Red!

Here are five things you need to know about Midnight Red who are currently working on their debut album!

  1. Pop boy band Midnight Red consists of Colton Rudloff, Anthony Ladao, Thomas Augusto, Eric Secharia, and Joey Diggs Jr. Though they are all from individual backgrounds and upbringings, music was the one thing that bonded them all together. "All of us as children were the performers of our families. At the weddings we would dance at the weddings, sing at the weddings," Anthony tells J-14. "Definitely for me growing up music has always been a part of my life, with my grandfather being a musician and stuff like that."

  2. Joey came up with their name after a dream he had. "We went through a numerous amount of names and they were either taken, copy written or just were corny. On my life, no joke, no nothing, I had a dream and somebody was like 'midnight, use it, it will work'. I woke up and was like I might as well just text everybody," Joey tells J-14. "So I sent everybody a text that said 'Guys I had a dream I know it sounds corny but how about Midnight?' We added Red to it and it just stuck and now we're Midnight Red."

  3. Midnight Red are currently in the studio working on their debut album. "It's lively and fun spirited. It's young and rebellious and it makes you feel good," Thomas describes their sound.

  4. Not only do they have original tunes but also do cover songs that you can check out on their YouTube channel here. Which one has been Colton's favorite? "'What Makes You Beautiful.' One Direction covers are my favorite," he tells J-14.

  5. Their current single is a track called "Hell Yeah". "We were on one of our last days in Paris, we recorded in Paris, France, in December. RedOne was just playing some tracks that he had and this track 'Hell Yeah' had come up," Colton says. "The next day we got to record ['Hell Yeah'] and we were like 'Okay, we just got our single.' You have that moment where you just know."

    Check out their single "Hell Yeah" below and let us know what you think!

Photo: Courtesy of Nicole Mazza/J-14 Magazine

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