Yay — it’s here! The brand spankin’ new issue of J-14. On stands Monday, it’s filled with juicy celeb secrets, awesome MEGAS and celebrity posters, revealing quizzes and much more. Did we mention that the Dolan Twins have their own MEGA, too? Because, yep — they do!

Inside the issue, you’ll read about what Jacob Sartorious EXCLUSIVELY revealed to us about his secret shy side, learn 25 reasons Jack & Jack love YOU, get new scoop on Blake Gray, find out why Alessia Cara was never the cool girl — and why that’s OK with her, plus tons more. You’ll also read exclusive features about Sophie Beem, Hayes Grier, Johnny Orlando, Daya and a peek inside your favorite stars’ diaries. Wow!

So if you’re going to a sleepover this weekend, or even if you’re staying in, make sure to enjoy it with the new issue of J-14. It’s a must-have issue!

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