Name: Jordan Witzigreuter

Age: 20

Where to see him: Jordan is the only member of the band The Ready Set. His song "Love Like Woe" is currently a top-20 hit! You can catch him on tour with The Downtown Fiction and Allstar Weekend starting in February.

Why we love him: Not only do we find ourselves bopping our heads whenever we hear "Love Like Woe," but his follow-up song, "More Than Alive" also rocks. Jordan is also super sweet and is a great karaoke singer!

He talks about… how he got his name, The Ready Set: "It would be very cruel of me to make people pronounce my last name! It's German and everyone throws an "n" in there for some reason. But The Ready Set just means being ready to put all of your inhibitions and fears behind you. It's about living life for yourself and doing what you want to do."

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Photo: Courtesy of Decaydance Records

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