Everyone knows Jace Norman stars in the fan-favorite Nickelodeon show, Henry Danger but aside from being a successful actor, he’s also the founder of Creator Edge Media, and an average, everyday young adult who just so happens to struggle with a very difficult learning disorder. In a new interview with Rogue Magazine, the actor opened up about his struggles with dyslexia and how it’s challenged him as an actor.

Jace admitted, “I think people look at it like a major disadvantage, and it is when it comes to school but as I’ve got into entrepreneurship and got into business a lot of these high up people I talk to like Kevin O'Leary and all these great entrepreneurs they have dyslexia as well. So, it’s like I’ve learnt it can be a great advantage if schools were to promote it.”

When it comes to his young fans also dealing with the same issue, the actor revealed that he does not want it to get them down. Jace added, “I want them to know that they’re not stupid and there is another way, so keep pushing. I see all these success stories like Steve Jobs and all these crazy successful people who are dyslexic, so there are two sides to the coin.”

“My main thing is giving the message to anyone who has anxiety or ADHD or dyslexia that there is hope for sure and that it is an advantage,” he continued to say. The television star knows just how to keep himself and fans motivated. He’s even shared with fans words of wisdom he’s shared about his struggles and how it all inspires him to work harder on social media in several videos.

We have to applaud Jace for being open and honest about something so personal, and not shedding light on it in a negative way. Using his learning disorder as an advantage in his life definitely has to inspire those dealing with the same thing.

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