Jace Norman may have grown up as a child actor, but now he’s putting on his metaphorical business suit and turning himself into quite the entrepreneur. Creator Edge Media is a marketing company the Nickelodeon star just launched alongside his brother Xander Norman and business sports professional Michael Gruen. Their mission is to help social media influencers build their brands, which… hold up, doesn’t that sound a little like Team 10? No, and let us further explain why.

While Jace totally commends Jake Paul‘s team for reaching success in their own way, he wants it to be known that he’s not trying to do what they do. We chatted with Jace and he exclusively told us what he’s doing differently business-wise.

“I think that Jake Paul, the leader of that, is kind of run by his ego. Everything revolves around him,” he told J-14. “They’re doing a good job, and they’re very successful – but at the end of the day that’s Jake Paul’s thing.”

When we stopped by Jake’s NYC Team 10 pop-up shop, he told us himself that other influencer groups (like Creator Edge Media and CloutGang) aren’t on his radar. While he didn’t name Creator Edge Media specifically, it’s safe to say he isn’t a supporter.

Jake exclusively spilled to J-14, “They’re definitely copying Team 10, but good luck.”

So let it be known – Creator Edge Media is not trying to be Team 10. Why? Because while Jace is big in the industry, he’s really just there to mentor talent rather than be the face of the company in the same way Jake is for Team 10.

“I’m not trying to be Jake Paul. I’m not trying to do what he’s doing. I think that he’s running it from a place of ‘What can I do to help me?’ ‘How can I get my brand up?’ It’s not really a company, it’s more of a ‘Let’s support Jake Paul.’ I’m trying more of a company. I’m not trying to be Jake Paul. I’m trying to make a company.”

So sure, Jace will be helping other content creators build their brands – but he won’t be involved in any wild stunts, like the ones Team 10 is known for.

“I’m not gonna set couches on fire in my pool,” he added.

So there you have it – totally different companies with totally different goals.

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