Okay, so we can't tell for sure, but if there's one thing you won't be seeing Jack and Jack's Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky doing is dabbing on them haters. So, they aren't a fan of Jake Paul's, were guessing? If you don't know anything about the YouTube personality Jake, I'll give you a quick of a recap. Jake is known to cause drama with his completely chaotic stunts and pranks played in his videos. In turn, he gets lots of hate. So, what does he do or say to those people talking smack about him? He dabs, like, literally dabs, on them.

It is Jake's thing. Every Jake Pauler KNOWS that the former Disney Channel star has basically adopted 'the dab' as his own. He does it in every video, sometimes more than once. When I think of Jake Paul, I think of dabbing on them haters. I think of his voice saying it. I think of his body making the weird movements. So, you get the point. Now, how do Jack and Jack fit into all this?

Well, they sat down with Billboard in a new video series called "1 Has 2 Go." It's a game where they are given three things to choose from and they must decide which one has to go. For example, one option was 'puppies, kittens or chocolate'. Shockingly, chocolate had to go.

They had another option of, 'dabbing, fidget spinner or hoverboard.' Both Jacks at the same time, simultaneously, said dabbing has got to go! Jack J said, "Get out. We don't like you" Jack G said, "Just get the f-ck out. Stop dabbing!"

jack 2

Jack J continued, "Like really if you dab anymore, if I see you dab, I will call you out and I will just be like, I'll get in your face. Just don't dab. The social media killed it so quickly." Yiiiikes. They clearly have some ~feelings~ about dabbing. And, of course, they didn't call out Jake specifically but it's kind of hard not to make the connection here. It's interesting because all three of the guys started in the social media space. Jack and Jack are all about the music now, but still, is there some drama we don't know about? By the sound of it, this seems like a direct jab at Team 10 and Jake's mantra.

However, it's important to note that Jake and both Jack's haven't had any beef recently. But, there's no way these two don't know about Jake's dab slogan. It really is everywhere. Okay, also, not to mention the eye rolls that were coming from Jack and Jack. They are so over the dab. So, so over it. We just can't tell if it's Jake they are over or the actual dance move.

The guys felt so strongly about this that it was definitely hard to overlook. Without thinking of Jake at all, we're going to put it out there and say if you're a fan of Jack and Jack, don't let them see you dabbing. They will legitimately melt.

jack 1

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