It’s honestly so sweet that the members of the musical duo Jack & Jack have been friends for pretty much ever. That’s right, Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson actually met on their first day of kindergarten. Ater bonding over the fact that they had the same first name, they quickly became best friends! Now, 15 years later, the boys are just as close, and they just opened up to J-14 exclusively about how their friendship has gotten even stronger over the years.

“I think the biggest thing that’s changed honestly is we have this crazy business and fanbase that we’re sort of running together,” Johnson told us. “I think that just added a new element. It’s added something more fun for us to talk about, something only Jack and I can relate to because we’re going through the exact same thing together. If anything it’s brought us closer.”

The boys explained when it comes to work related stuff — like being on tour and missing their family — their other friends just don’t understand what they’re going through.

“I remember when we first started coming out to LA, and starting to get this career thing going and making money for the first time — those were just things that you can’t really mention to your other 17-year-old friends. We just couldn’t necessarily talk about everything we wanted to talk about without sounding conceded,” Gilinsky added.

Jack and Jack Exclusive New Album
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He continued, “Johnson knows all of my intentions just because he goes through everything with me on a daily basis. We wake up together, we go to the gym together, we eat together, we hang out together, and then we work together. Everything that I do, he does as well, so he has the exact same perspective on it. We talk so openly, and we say things that we’d never say to anybody else because we understand that the other person understands better than anyone ever could.”

And as if that wasn’t sweet enough, the 22-year-old singers always make sure to keep each other grounded.

“We make sure we remain these good and grounded kids from Nebraska because we can keep each other in check,” Johnson continued.

Ugh, how adorable is that? And even though they boys have definitely grown a lot, at heart, they’re still those silly little kids that they were when they first met.

“I feel like Jack and I are the same with each other as we were in kindergarten,” Johnson said. “I think the basis of our friendship hasn’t changed at all. It’s just evolved.”

And Gilinsky couldn’t agree more. “Since we met at [ages] 4 and 5, I feel like we just know each other to a point where our demeanors towards each other will never change,” he added. “We have our own little things that we find funny — just like every set of best friends. Everybody has their inside jokes, ours just seem to kinda surpass the normal relationship guidelines because we’ve known each other for so long.”

It’s safe to say these two know each other better than anyone! The boys dropped their new album, A Good Friend Is Niceon January 25, which you can listen to here.

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