If you haven’t already seen Season 1 of Netflix‘s series Malibu Rescue — and the movie — well, what are you waiting for? The series and film are everything you’d ever want when it comes to summertime binge-watching!

Well, we just caught up with actress Jackie R. Jacobson (AKA Dylan in the show) to talk all things Malibu Rescue! Her character is a total dork and scatterbrain, who has been assigned to teach lifeguard training skills to “The Valley Pod,” which consists of Tyler (Ricardo Hurtado), Eric (Alkoya Brunson), Gina (Breanna Yde) and Lizzie (Abby Donnelly) to ensure they would fail. Lucky for you guys, the 17-year-old star is spilling tons of behind-the-scenes set secrets, from the cast’s dynamic to a funny moment from set that didn’t make it to the screen!

J-14: What drew you to your Malibu Rescue character, Dylan?

Jackie R. Jacobson: When I first read the script, Dylan really stood out to me. I felt like Dylan was a character all girls could relate to in many different ways. In the beginning, Dylan feels unsure and doubtful and learns to pull herself together and starts believing in herself, which ultimately is something girls need to do more of!

J-14: What similarities and differences do you have with Dylan?

Jackie: During the movie, I thought there was no way I was as dorky as she was. While we filmed the series, there wasn’t much of a difference between me and Dylan; Dylan’s dorky, awkward comments become ones I used every day! As Dylan gained confidence and strength during the show, I did personally as well.

J-14: You star alongside Breanna Yde and Ricardo Hurtado! What’s something fans might not know about each of them that you’ve learned while working with them?

Jackie: There are endless inside jokes! They are both so fun to be around, and I’m so happy we’ve become so close. Breanna is almost always singing in between takes, and Ricardo is doing tongue twisters. It was cool to see everyone’s in-between-take rituals!

J-14: What was the cast dynamic like on set and did you spend time together off set too?

Jackie: I think the best way to describe us is family. We have all instantly bonded together, literally and figuratively. It was freezing at the beach every day and all of us would always huddle together with an abundance of blankets to keep us warm. We also love hanging outside of set — weather we are going to dinner or Six Flags, it’s nice to get a break and be ourselves outside of set.

J-14: Where there any behind-the-scenes funny moments from set you can share?

Jackie: Thankfully, you can’t see it in the movie! Vooch’s bus arrives at the school where Tyler is picking up trash, I wasn’t holding on to the seat in front of me and the stunt man slammed on the breaks and I went flying through the bus. We were all laughing so hard we started crying, but we only had 10 more minutes to finish the scene. It was crazy to say the least.

J-14: What would be your absolute dream role?

Jackie: A dream role would definitely be to play a super inspiring character like Charlize Theron‘s in Atomic Blonde. I love action movies and love to play an empowering female lead like Charlize would be a dream!

J-14: Is there a particular actor or actress you’d love to work with?

Jackie: Kill Bill is one of my favorite movies, so Quentin Tarantino would be a dream.

J-14: When did you know you wanted to get into acting?

Jackie: I always knew I wanted to become an actress since I was four! I would stand in front of my TV and act out what was happening on screen. I always told my mom I wanted to be “in the TV..”

J-14: What would be your best advice for young people who want to break into acting but don’t know where to start?

Jackie: Start at your local acting class and take some scene study workshops to see if you like it! Printing out scripts from online and working on them is also an amazing way to get practice.

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