They’re back and better than ever! Jackson Dollinger and Scarlet Spencer have officially reunited for the “I’m Yours 2” music video, a year after the original “I’m Yours” music video dropped in July 2020.

In the first visual, Jackson, 14, sang along to his debut single as Scarlett played his “mystery girl.” This time around, her identity was reveled and the Cousins for Life actress, 14, is even featured on “I’m Yours 2.”

“We ended up getting really close. She was only supposed to stay for a day to shoot the video and ended up staying for two weeks. So, we got to spend every day together for two weeks,” Jackson tells J-14 about how the collaboration came about. “About 10 months later, I made this ‘open’ where it was just my parts of the song with open space for a second verse. Originally, that open was called ‘Love, Love, Love.’ I thought Scarlet would be perfect featured on it. … Then, she recorded her verse and I got it back and I was really excited.”

Scarlet, for her part, was excited to be a part of the song.

“I thought it would be a lot of fun, honestly, to have a part two,” she explains. “The fact that I would get to sing in it, I thought would also be a lot of fun. So overall I was like, ‘Yeah, something fun to do with the friend.'”

Jackson Dollinger and Scarlet Spencer Talk Showcasing 'Young Love' in the 'I'm Yours 2' Music Video

In the “I’m Yours 2” music video, the musicians showcased “really cute young love type [of] stuff.”

“We shot it along the California coast. It was a blast to film,” Jackson gushes. “Its beach vibe is very similar to the to the first ‘I’m Yours’ video. The song … I would say it’s a more amped up version of ‘I’m Yours 1.'”

When the camera’s weren’t rolling on the music video’s set, the teens had some trouble navigating the sandy beach.

“Throughout filming on the sand dunes, it was honestly hilarious, because we just kept tripping and falling while trying to get to the top of it!” Scarlet recalls.

While looking back at their experience filming the “I’m Yours 2” video, both Jackson and Scarlet agreed that they were a little more mature this time around.

“In the ‘I’m Yours 1’ video, I was tripping about even holding her hand,” Jackson admits. “I think we both grew up a little bit and I think overall our performances were better too.”

“I’m Yours 2” is now streaming!

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