Some fans are seriously unhappy with one of Jaclyn Hill‘s recent Instagram posts. Yep, the YouTube star has faced major backlash from her social media followers after sharing a photo of herself sitting in a Lamborghini amid the current coronavirus pandemic.

Alexa, play ‘Live your life,'” the beauty guru captioned the shot, which some people found insensitive. 

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Alexa, play “Live your life” 🎼

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“@JaclynHill is completely tone deaf. This is not the time to show off your ridiculously expensive sports car. I get it, you want to live your life unapologetically bla blah blah. But if you want to show you’ve changed but your heart is still in the right place, show mindfulness,” one person wrote on Twitter alongside the photo. Another added, “She is the definition of ‘can’t read the room. Hey, let me show off a really expensive car while millions of people are unemployed and struggling to pay for food and stuff.’”

Upon seeing the hateful comments, the 29-year-old appeared to respond in a since-expired Instagram Stories video.

“I will shop wherever I want, whenever I want. I will spend my money however I want, and I am not better than anything or anyone. If you think that I should be, then unfollow me,” she clapped back in the clip, which was screenrecorded and reposted by fans. “And if you think that you’re better than anyone or you’re better than anything… Honey, trust me. There will come a time in your life where you will be humbled in the most painful way possible and you will quickly be reminded that we are all the same.”

As fans know, this isn’t the first time Jaclyn slammed haters online. Back in April, she responded to body-shaming trolls who left negative comments about her sitting in bed and eating a burger.

“I miss the days when I chose to leave events early and isolate myself,” Jaclyn initially captioned an Instagram photo. She later edited the caption and added, “Also, for all the people making comments about my weight and me eating a burger… go find yourself a life.”

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