Fans are not happy with Jaclyn Hill after she was caught using $100 bills to wipe her face, despite still owing fans money for her lipstick scandal!

For those who missed it, the YouTuber just announced that she was releasing a brand new holiday highlighter and makeup brush collection, and she threw an extravagant dinner party to celebrate. The influencer had the celebration at her home in Los Angeles and boy, did it look epic! The celebrity guest list included James Charles, the Kardashian‘s makeup artist Hrush Achemyan and more! But in a video posted to Hrush’s Instagram Stories, Jaclyn could be seen wiping sweat off her face, and she didn’t use any old napkin or tissue to do it — she used an $100 bill!

As soon as fans saw the video, the makeup mogul quickly came under fire for it. Some viewers claimed they were outright “disgusted” by her immense show of wealth, while others pointed out that they still hadn’t been gotten their money back for their hairy lipsticks earlier this year, despite Jaclyn promising full refunds for everyone.

For those who missed it, the beauty guru faced severe criticism after fans claimed they found hairs, lumps and mold in her lipsticks back in June. Jaclyn addressed the situation in a YouTube video at the time, insisting that her products were completely safe to use. The social media star also promised to give anyone who ran into these issues a full refund and a fresh lipstick.

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But when fans received the new products, they discovered the same problems — and something even worse. Get this— YouTuber Pretty Pastel Please found a piece of metal in one of her products. In the midst of the controversy, Jaclyn decided to delete her social media rather than address the situation, and fans were not happy about it.

“People a mile from her mansion are homeless, starving and suffering. She OWES customers [money], but it’s funny to wipe your face with 100$ bills. Classless, disgusting, selfish,” one fan wrote on Twitter, with another adding, “This stunt isn’t cute.”

Jaclyn was quick to defend herself, explaining that the money wasn’t even real.

“100% fake. They literally say ‘motion picture only’ on them,” she replied to a fan.

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