Beauty vlogger Jaclyn Hill was not happy that a fan leaked her new eyeshadow palette online before she had a chance to announce it. A Twitter user, whose account has now been taken down, posted a photo of the new makeup product days before Jaclyn shared the details, and the YouTuber was definitely unamused. It’s unclear how the fan got her hands on the unreleased product.

“Having my palette leaked and that moment taken from me really sucks,” she wrote on Twitter. “BUT I’m going to embrace this palette that I worked so hard on! I hope you love it as much as I do!”

Jaclyn teamed up with beauty brand Morphe for the new palette, which is called Jaclyn Hill Palette Volume II and has 35 shades in total. This actually isn’t the first time that the makeup mogul and Morphe collaborated on a product. Back in 2018, they released another eyeshadow palette together, and the beauty guru told People Magazine that her newest product feels like “the big sister to [the] original palette.”

“You put them together and they complement each other so much. This one has more pizzaz and pop. It features so many beautiful pinks and golds and corals, so it’s the perfect time of year for it,” she told the outlet.

The first time they teamed up together, Jaclyn and Morphe’s palette sold out in only 45 minutes.

“Not to sound cocky, but the first palette we did together is literally the most iconic palette in the industry. It broke so many records. We actually have a trophy for it. So we were like, ‘Why not? Let’s do round two,'” she continued. “I love that I get to create such amazing products at such an inexpensive price point.”

The new product will cost $39 and will be available on February 13, 2020, on and in Morphe stores around the world.

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