According to Jacob Elordi, no, he does not want fans to emulate his Kissing Booth character, Noah Flynn! During a recent interview with GQ, the actor went undercover and answered fans questions on the internet. And when one fan claimed that their girlfriend wished they were more like Noah, Jacob was not here for it.

“My girlfriend said [Noah’s] her dream guy. What are direct things I can do to be like that?” the fan asked.

“That’s awful, I’m so sorry,” Jacob said after reading the fans message. “Don’t be like Noah Flynn, I wouldn’t want to be like that in real life. Be yourself, man.”

The 23-year-old also responded to fans who were obsessing over his height online.

I used to be so sensitive about my height because when I first started acting, literally everybody would tell me that I’d never work because they wouldn’t be able to partner me with people. I basically got told I was too tall to be an actor,” he explained. “I used to try to pass as 6-foot-2 or 6-foot-3, but I’m actually 6-foot-5.”

As fans know, this isn’t the first time the star opened up about his body insecurities. While speaking with Mens Health earlier this month, Jacob admitted that it “really f**king bothered him” when people discussed his abs online after the first Kissing Booth came out.

“At the time, I was super young and got thrown into a world where everyone wanted to talk about my body… It really f**king bothered me,” he said. “I don’t identify with that whatsoever. I was trying to prove myself and be known as an actor. It was so much working out and I hated every second of it.”

He also previously called his character in The Kissing Booth “awful” while comparing it to his role in Euphoria.

“It’s two completely different experiences. The Kissing Booth was the first film I ever made — it was sort of my ticket to Hollywood, so I was really grateful for that,” he said. “It’s almost like righting my wrongs a little bit too, because the character in The Kissing Booth is awful and it’s never really explained. He’s kind of idolized and made into a hero, so I suppose this show is showing why.”

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