During a recent interview, Jacob Elordi opened up about continuously being cast as a high school student. At 23 years old, the actor called it “taxing” now that he’s getting older.

While speaking with GQ Australia, the Netflix star dished on his claim to fame from The Kissing Booth — which has a sequel hitting the streaming service later this month — and how becoming an overnight sensation changed his life.

“It was super intense for a little while. Overnight you couldn’t really go anywhere, but it’s been two years now and it’s died down considerably. So maybe the next one comes out and it’ll be bad again for a little while, but I think it’s all relative,” he explained, before adding that after the movie came out he was mostly offered roles to play the high school jock. “Nothing against that but I’ve sort of done it and it would be really hard for me to find joy in that. I’m also getting older now, and I’m starting to look older, so to keep going back to high school is kind of taxing.”

Jacob went on to explain how nabbing his Euphoria role ultimately shifted his acting career and stopped him from being offered the stereotypical high school roles.

“After Euphoria, the coolest shift happened,” he dished. “It put me on the radar, that I could maybe act, and it allowed me to sit down with these guys whose work I admire — they knew my work and they had enjoyed it. So I could have these really adult, creative conversations with like-minded people.”

Aside from his role alongside Ben Affleck in the upcoming movie Deep Water, Jacob has a lot of plans for his future.

“I’d love to be able to create films in a bubble where nobody knows who the actor is,” the Australian gushed. “They might still love the films, but somehow they couldn’t put a name to the face or something. That would be really cool.”

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