When it comes to love, Jaden Hossler is no stranger to dating in the public eye! The TikTok star-turned-singer — otherwise known as jxdn — has experienced a few public romances, some of which ended in major drama.

He started dating Mads Lewis in late 2019, and they were in an on-and-off relationship until March 2021. Following their split, Jaden was quick to move on with Nessa Barrett, whom he had collaborated with earlier that year.

“Love the kid. I wish him the absolute f–king best,” Mads said on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast in April 2021 after her and Jaden’s breakup. “I love Jaden. I wish him the absolute f–king best. I want him happy so if him being happy is being with Nessa, be with f–king Nessa.”

The “Angels & Demons” crooner was with Nessa for a little over a year. During their time together, the singers shared the ins and outs of their relationship with fans.

“I thought that I wasn’t capable of fully loving someone the way that I’ve seen people love others because I’ve never been this in love,” Nessa also told Seventeen in January 2022 of her relationship with Jaden. At the time, she revealed that they had officially moved in together.

“I get this weird feeling with Jaden that I’ve never had with any human being, not even my mom, where it’s like I love him with my whole heart. I would do anything to make it work. He has shown me so much. Honestly, I owe it to him, because I would be in a really dark place now without him,” the songstress explained. “I wouldn’t have come out with my EP, I wouldn’t have been on this whole journey with myself to get better, because it’s like now I want to, I want to do better for the both of us because I have to love myself in order to love him properly.”

However, things between them didn’t last. In a joint Instagram Stories statement from May 2022, Jaden and Nessa revealed that they had split.

“Last month we broke up to take time to focus on our own careers & mental,” they shared. “Please don’t send hate or make assumptions. We would like to heal privately and hope you all can respect that. We love you all so much.”

Has Jaden been linked to any else since then? Scroll through our gallery for a breakdown of his dating history. 

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