Ariana Grande's ex-boyfriend Jai Brooks is causing quite the stir on Instagram today after he publicly slammed Selena Gomez. The "Bad Liar" singer voiced her opinion about President Trump's decision to reverse the DACA initiative. DACA โ€“ Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals โ€“ was put in place so that certain illegal immigrants who came to the United States as children could be eligible to work here later on in life. It is for 'the dreamers' as they have been dubbed. Because Selena has such a platform to speak on with over 126 million followers on Instagram, she used her voice where she thought it was necessary.

She posted a photo of a message that read, "My definition of a dreamer is someone that thinks big and believes anything is possible. The wonderful people being threatened by the unfortunate reversal of DACA are exactly that. Please call The White House, your local member of Congress and state Senators to let your voice be heard to defend DACA! You can find out how to reach out to your representatives here: (link in bio)."

But, Jai wasn't having it. He commented on Selena's Instagram and said, "You honestly don't give a sh-t about the people related to DACA you're just a Hollywood pretending to give a sh-t because it seems right. go home princess."

selena jai

Okayโ€ฆwe seriously do not know where this beef came from. First of all, Selena is allowed to say whatever she wants on social media and in life. Hello, free speech, anyone? Second of all, why would Jai ever think Sel doesn't actually care? She has done nothing to prove otherwise. It's sad because Selena rarely speaks up and voices her opinion on political issues because she knows that so many of her fans have different ideas about things going on in that world. It's fair to say that she probably doesn't want to offend anyone. But, clearly, this issue of DACA seemed like something near and dear to her heart. If it wasn't, she just wouldn't have said anything at all.

Jai has since posted a follow-up message on his Instagram account in direct response to the overall negative reaction he's getting for leaving the comment.

"Hahahahahaha there's honestly nothing more I could love than when I speak the truth and people argue against it because they have no facts and/or are honestly too stupid to know what goes on in their world ..I read their dumb comment and laugh honestly if you comment I'm just laughing so I appreciate the good time ???? you guys honestly made my day I havnt smiled like this in a while ???," he wrote.

The sass from Jai is really not necessary and all of the comments on Selena's post that come after his are completely tearing him apart โ€“ for good reason. Hopefully, Selena doesn't use this as a reason to stop giving her opinion on political issues and topics that can directly affect people her own age.

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