Have you ever wondered what it's like to kiss Jake Miller? Well, according to Laura, the girl he had his first kiss with, he wasn't very good!

Jake hung out with Y100 at Jingle Ball Miami and was asked about the worst kiss he's ever had under the mistletoe. Being a good sport, the "Overnight" singer answered, but much to our surprise his worst kiss didn't happen around Christmas time! It actually happened at sleep away camp.

Jake said, "I went to sleep away camp when I was young and it was the first time I ever really made out with a girl, 30 seconds…and everything. Anyways, I’m calling her out, her name is Laura. She basically told the whole camp the next day that I just sucked at hooking up. It was my first time making out what do you expect?"

LOL. Okay this is kind of hilarious but he has a point. No one really knows what they're doing when they have their first kiss and that just makes it all the more fun! Anddd, Jake did say it happened when he's young. We have a feeling he's grown up a bit since then and maybe learned a thing or two about the art of kissing!


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